Live Immediate Implant Placement/Restoration

Helping You Understand What’s Involved

—— Co-sponsored by Straumann Group ——

This live demonstration will showcase the essential steps and considerations for success in immediate implant placement. Patient/case selection details & planning steps for fully guided implant placement will be explained, along with discussion on appropriate implant design selection to achieve primary stability in an extraction socket. Management of the residual bone defect with socket shield and/or bone grafting will be explained and illustrated, followed by insertion of a transitional prefabricated PMMA crown or custom abutment/bonded restoration to support the marginal tissue architecture

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand when immediate implant placement/restoration coupled with extraction can be considered.
2. Recognize why virtual planning and guided surgery is today’s standard of care in implant dentistry.
3. Which extraction devices to use to create the ideal recipient site- forceps, piezo, BENEX, etc.
4. The keys to reducing facial bone loss after implant placement- PET vs bone/soft tissue grafts.
5. ‘Virtual’ prefabricated transitional restorations- key to prevent marginal soft tissue alterations.

Continuing Education credits BCCOHP dentist: Clinical Dental BCCOHP hygienist: N/A